To celebrate and explore the potential of student leadership, Teach For All is collecting and sharing stories from across the network and around the globe. When students LEAD, we all LEARN.

  • Not Affiliated

    6 Student Leaders To Present At Teach For All Global Co...

    We were overwhelmed with inspiration in reading over 200 student leadership stories that came in from 30 different countries. Congratulations to the 6 student leaders selected to attend the Teach For All Global Conference.

  • Enseña por Colombia

    Ten Virus. Contagious change

    Students in Coloumbia decided to address 10 issues impacting their community. They used public performances to grab attention and spread the "viruses" of change, reconciliation, and peace. 

  • Teach For America

    Cameroon Youth Reform Initiative

    Beauclaire starts NGO in Cameroon aimed at educating youth to think for themselves and find themselves while also converting their ideas to sustainable projects.

  • Teach For Malaysia

    What Students Want

    Sashi writes a book entitled "What Students Want" compiling student-created essays, stories, drawings, and scripts about what they want for themselves, their education, and for the future of Malaysia.

  • Teach For India

    Beyond the gaps: discover the world beyond

    Priyanka grows as a leader as she organizes a 10 day internship for students from around the world to live in her home and teach students in her low-income community in Pune, India.