To celebrate and explore the potential of student leadership, Teach For All is collecting and sharing stories from across the network and around the globe. When students LEAD, we all LEARN.

The Importance of Student Leadership

Right now, in classrooms and communities around the world, students of all ages are leading changes big and small. Some are creating community gardens out of empty lots. Others are tutoring their peers in reading or math. Still others are encouraging their neighbors to vote and pressing policy makers to change laws. Everywhere around us, we see students demonstrating acts of leadership to improve their classrooms, schools, and communities. They are learning that even with few resources and no official authority, even children have the ability to imagine a better world and help turn that vision into reality. When students discover their own leadership potential and take action, they are realizing the power of a transformational education.

At Teach For All, we're committed to pursuing a broad set of outcomes for all children that enable them to realize their full potential. This requires going beyond a narrow set of academic outcomes and redefining student success to include a range of academic and non-academic knowledge, skills, and competencies that children will need to become 21st century leaders who will address the challenges of tomorrow. It means supporting and preparing children to be strong communicators, critical thinkers, and gritty problem-solvers who are, among other things, inquisitive, creative, empathetic, and collaborative.

Teach For All has launched the 1000 Student Leaders campaign to celebrate and explore the power and potential of student leadership. Through this campaign, we seek to understand more deeply the essence of student leadership and what Teach For All network participants and alumni are doing across the world to cultivate and support that leadership. We will share these insights to galvanize our network around the critical role that building students’ leadership plays in transformational teaching. Most of all, this campaign helps us to keep students, our most important stakeholder, at the heart of our work.

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