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  • BBC's 100 Women: How a musical changed one girl's life

    Three years ago, Priyanka left her home in an impoverished area late one evening for an interview with the Teach for India non-profit. Now, she's headed to the United States for university on a scholarship - and says the musical theatre project changed her life.
  • AUDIO: Teach For America: Wendy Kopp

    In 1989, college senior Wendy Kopp was trying to figure out how to improve American public schools. For her senior thesis, she proposed creating a national teaching corps that would recruit recent college grads to teach in underserved schools. One year later, she launched the nonprofit, Teach for America. Today, TFA has 50,000 alumni, a budget of nearly $300 million, and continues to place thousands of teachers across the country.
  • On GPS: Takeaways from PISA education rankings

    Teach For All CEO Wendy Kopp and OECD's Director for Education and Skills Andreas Schleicher talk to Fareed Zakaria on 2015 PISA results and lessons from high performing countries.
  • Educación con habilidad de liderazgo

    “Un día todos los niños y jóvenes en Argentina recibirán una educación de calidad” es el lema de Enseñá por Argentina, una ONG nacida en 2009 que forma parte de la red internacional Teach For All y tiene como misión ser un movimiento que contribuya a transformar las aulas y el sistema educativo, para que todos los niños, niñas y jóvenes de Argentina desarrollen al máximo sus capacidades y tengan igualdad de oportunidades.
  • Teach for the Philippines on CNN

    As students flock to the schools this year, CNN Philippines' Profiles recently put the spotlight on Teach for the Philippines as one of the young education start-ups working to improve access to education in the country. Watch snippets of the feature.
May 27, 2016
Special Report on how education plays a role in the integration of refugees in European countries: In order to understand how teachers cope with this issue, Learning World went to Vienna, Austria to take a look at how Teach for Austria, a local branch of the global Teach for All movement fighting for equal education works.
May 06, 2016
Brookings Institution
"We are kicking off the new Millions Learning video series with a spotlight on Teach For All, one of the 14 case studies examined in the Millions Learning report."
April 12, 2016
Ghana Broadcast Corporation
CEO and co-founder of Teach For Ghana, Daniel Dotse, is interviewed for the Ghana Broadcast Corporation's Breakfast Morning Show where he explains what Teach For Ghana does.
November 11, 2015
Mateo Samper, Teach For All’s Director, Regional Growth Strategy & Development – Latin America, discusses efforts to promote educational equity around the world. [In Spanish]
October 18, 2015
Television New Zealand
TVNZ's Katie Bradford interviews Wendy Kopp on Teach For America, Teach First NZ, and how the Teach For All approach works.