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Class counsellor and motivational speaker

Student Leaders
Adult Supporter
Anshumaan Goel
Age of Students
4th Grade

Please describe how your students exercised their leadership and the impact they had.

Krisha is a powerful orator and an excellent motivational speaker. She inspires everyone in the class through her impeccable student actions. She consistently displays her leadership skills as a class leader and a counsellor of other students. She speaks to the class during the 'sharing circle' which is the last period of the day. She inspires them by reinforcing the class values and articulating them in front of the whole class. She gives them a reality check by telling them the repercussions of bad behaviour and how it can later affect their career and jobs. The students listen to her as she maintains a healthy balance of loving friendship and strict leadership.
Impact on the students has been immense. She has been able to tame a hyperactive boy named Binit who behaves nicely in class because he doesn't want to trouble Krisha. Kids like Binit listen to her and demonstrate class values.

What role did you play in supporting your students’ leadership?

I played the role of a strong and inspiring facilitator who gave full support to the students to showcase their talents. I gave them a platform and then they made it their own. Through hardwork and perseverance, my children and I were able to demonstrate what good counselling and motivational speaking looks like. I modeled ideal counselling and public speaking for them and then made them practice along with me. Now Krisha along with a few others do it everyday in the closing circle. It helps to end the day on a high besides inspiring the rest of the class to behave better the next day.

What did you and your students learn in this activity that will endure beyond today?

My students learnt three important enduring skills through this project namely-
1. Public speaking- The powerful influence of a good orator can change the thinking of the listener.
2. Counselling- How to show the right direction to people when they are not behaving the way we want them to behave?
3. Motivational speech delivery- Inspiration and motivation to behave nicely in class
These skills will endure as the students in my class are demonstrating them through correct actions. Some like Krisha are propagating the idea to other students and children they come across. Besides that, they are helping their communities by counselling the elders too.