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Enseña por Colombia

Cuatro vidas y un balón

Student Leaders
Carlos Antonio Berrio
Adult Supporter
Juliana Cordoba
Age of Students

Please describe how your students exercised their leadership and the impact they had.

The objective of the project is to solve problems in a constructive and peacefull manner, in a community that historically has been affected by violence in Colombia. The student leader, Carlos Antonio Berrio teachs to little children from his community respect, teamwork, equality and dialogue as a way to solve differences. The project started on 2014 when He and 3 students realized about the importance to transform their society. They decided to teach positive actituves through football. They coached four groups. To coach two of them they traveled once per week to different schools. Carlos and his project won a peace and reconciliation prize on November 2014.

Today Carlos is leading the project and He has found leadership abilities in other kids that now are helping him to keep working for his region too.

What role did you play in supporting your students’ leadership?

As a teacher during a social science class they developed the idea and decided to design the project. I guided and I supported them to make the project a reality. They worked after school hours on the designing of the project, everyday they showed me the developments and we discussed together ideas to improve it.

What did you and your students learn in this activity that will endure beyond today?

At the very begining they were not sure about their abilities, they felt insecure about teaching to children. I could say that they started to belive in themselves and they learn that if people push themselves and work hard they can make their dreams come true.