Launch a Program

The growth of our network is driven by the interest of social entrepreneurs around the world who share our mission and vision. We believe that local ownership is critical to maximizing a program’s impact and to its sustainability, and it’s the initiative and leadership of these emerging entrepreneurs that sets the foundation for launching new organizations in their countries.
Aprende de nuestros directores ejecutivos socios

Learn from our Partner CEOs

Meet three Partner CEOs and learn why they pursued this shared mission.
Conoce a un director ejecutivo

Get to know a CEO

Meet Alvaro Henzler, Co-founder of EnseñaPeru, and hear what he values about the Teach For All network.
Descubre lo que se necesita para lanzar una nueva organización

Discover what it takes to launch a new organization

Building and launching a new Teach For All program is complex work that requires extensive programmatic and organizational planning. New programs often face significant start-up challenges as they work to launch, scale, and maximize impact. Emerging entrepreneurs engage with us an average of 12 to 18 months before they launch. Learn more from our CEOs.


Entiende el apoyo temprano de Teach For All

Understand Teach For All's early stage support

Teach For All supports new programs to address potential barriers and accelerate progress. Learn more about the support we provide during the “early stage” process.

We partner with programs that share our vision and mission.
Our partners are independent organizations, led by social entrepreneurs committed to our Unifying Principles and our Core Values
If you believe Teach For All’s approach and model could be critical to addressing educational inequity in your country, we recommend that you fully explore our website to learn more about the Teach For All network and our partners.
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