Global Organization
Teach For All provides a global platform that
enables network partners to connect with and learn from each other, accelerating their individual and collective impact.  
Fostering growth
In regions around the world, we build awareness of the relevance and impact of our approach to expanding educational opportunity among promising social entrepreneurs and potential supporters and collaborators.
Early stage support
We work with emerging entrepreneurs as they deepen their understanding of the problem of educational inequity in their contexts and consider how Teach For All partners’ shared approach will address it.  We help these potential partners understand the network’s Unifying Principles, develop strategic clarity, and build support in their countries.
Building capacity to increase impact
Once partners have joined the network, Teach For All works to ensure that they can grow sustainably, that their students and participants are achieving and learning, and that they’re cultivating the individual and collective leadership of their alumni. Teach For All provides partners with ongoing support in the areas of strategic clarity and organizational development, recruitment, participant and alumni impact, and garnering public and private sector support. We strive to build a strong, impact-driven network that is grounded in our shared Core Values.
Teach For All:
  • Provides direct support by identifying insights from across the network and advising partners in applying them to their individual contexts
  • Facilitates connections through global and regional conferences, peer-to-peer visits, and online platforms that enable our partners’ teachers, alumni, and staff to connect with and learn from each other
  • Accesses global resources for the network in areas such as teacher and leadership development, technology, fundraising, and public relations
  • Fosters leadership development of partner staff, participants, and alumni by leveraging our global scope to provide professional development and experiential learning opportunities.

Accelerated impact