Leadership for Change

There’s no single solution to a problem as systemic and complex as inequity—addressing it requires many solutions, from many directions. No matter what the approach, we believe that there’s one indispensable factor to effecting true, enduring change—and that is leadership.
At Teach For All we believe that leadership is the key to transforming schools, systems, and—ultimately—children’s futures.
That’s why our network partners are developing strong, collaborative, determined leaders who understand the root causes of inequity and are committed to challenging it in their countries and around the world.
These organizations recruit and develop diverse, outstanding graduates and professionals from a range of academic disciplines and experiences to commit two years to teach in high-need schools and to work throughout their lives to ensure more students attain the education, support, and opportunity all children deserve.
TEACHER: Nirali Vasisht, Teach For India 2011
The world’s most disadvantaged students need as many teachers as possible with a deep belief in the potential of all children and a vision for defying expectations. Through intensive training and ongoing professional development, Teach For All partners provide their participants with the support they need to help their students rise above the challenges they face. These teachers' high standards, willingness to reach beyond the four walls of the classroom, and conviction in every child's ability to succeed inspires their students to believe in themselves and strive for ambitious goals.
SCHOOL LEADER: Ed Vainker, Teach First 2003
Alumni Leaders
Challenging educational inequity requires committed teachers, but the causes and symptoms of inequality can’t be addressed in the classroom alone. Many Teach For All network alumni continue to teach in high-need schools and communities beyond their initial two year commitments. Informed and inspired by their foundational classroom experience, others go on to become school and district leaders, policymakers, founders of advocacy organizations, and business and civic leaders working to effect change.
POLICY MAKER: Sandra Fomotškin, Noored Kooli (Estonia) 2008
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR: Quim Sabrià, Empieza Por Educar 2011
ADVOCATE: Agustina Faustin, Enseñá Por Argentina 2011
Community Impact
To ensure all children are able to fulfill their potential, we need strong schools and systems in every community. Motivated by what they know is possible when children are given the support and opportunities they need to succeed, Teach For All network alumni are working together with schools and districts, local leaders, and many others to change the status quo. From rural Nepal to the mountains of Peru to major U.S. cities, this collective leadership is creating lasting, systemic change in communities around the world.