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Enseña por México

Mentor and role models program

Student Leaders
Sirenia Ochoa
Adult Supporter
Ariadna Macías
Age of Students

Please describe how your students exercised their leadership and the impact they had.

Sirenia is a high school student from Toluca, Mexico. She is really concerned about the bad education that the public schools in Mexico have and she wants to help middle high school kids with a mentor program.
She organize a group of her friends with different lesson skills like: maths, Spanish, science, history, chemistry and physics. They do the mentor program with all the students that have doubts with these subjects after school.
Sirenia starts this program not only to help in the academic way, but to help with the motivation the students have in school.
This mentor program is also part of another program called "Role Models", Sirenia detected that the celebrities now a days have a lot of impact at the decisions the students take, but most of the times they are bad role models. So she wants to start a youtube channel, where she and her friends talk about tips for school and also about how to confront some personal problems. This with the idea that they can have good role models in a technological platform that everybody use a lot. She wants that someday different celebrities can join the program so, they can motivate the students to keep studying and be better every day.

What role did you play in supporting your students’ leadership?

I am sure that this program is a very good idea not only for help the kids in the academic way, but to improve the need to inspire and help others. Sirenia is a girl that always want to help their schoolmates, she has a lot of energy and a positive attitude. She knows that with compromise and hard work she can do great things.

What did you and your students learn in this activity that will endure beyond today?

Something Sirenia is always saying is that not because we are not celebrities means that we can not make a big impact in the people. We learn that with a little action we can make something that in the future gives very good results for the education in Mexico.