December 15, 2016

EnseñaPerú: Many Stories, One Movement

In countries around the world, Teach For All partners share an approach to ensuring all children can fulfill their potential. This approach—our theory of change—places equal emphasis on positively impacting kids, families, and communities right now, and for the long term. To achieve these ambitious goals, network partners recruit and develop effective teachers to provide quality education and expanded opportunities for students in high-need schools and communities today, and invest in their development as collaborative leaders who will continue to pursue lasting change for children tomorrow.

Produced by EnseñaPerú, the video above beautifully illustrates this two-fold approach. Since its first cohort of participants began teaching in 2010, EnseñaPerú has placed more than 300 teachers reaching nearly 29,000 students in 15 regions across Peru. Of the program’s 202 alumni, 48 are currently employed by the Ministry of Education, collaborating with the Ministry to inspire and support the effective implementation of policies that will change the educational landscape in the country, truly serving the needs of all children and communities. By working with partners across the public, private, and civil sectors, EnseñaPerú has set itself the ambitious goal of supporting 2,000 alumni leaders by 2025, who, deeply rooted in a common vision of collective impact, will follow various pathways inside and outside the classroom to solve the problem of educational inequity in Peru.

This video was produced for EnseñaPerú’s 2016 gala dinner, an event at which the screening of a new video illustrating its approach to effecting change has become the annual highlight. This year’s video brings the theory of change full circle—from the experience of a student, to the journey of a participant, to the continuing leadership of alumni, whose work is impacting thousands of children, both within and outside of the classroom.

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