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Once Disengaged student becomes Head Boy in Australia

Student Leaders
Adrian Lambrianou
Adult Supporter
Kate Nichols
Age of Students
Ages 11 - 18

Please describe how your students exercised their leadership and the impact they had.

Adrian initially was very disengaged in school, coming from a low socio-economic area and lacking support in both his academic and personal lives.
However, Adrian always had high ambitions and realised that he needed to turn his behaviour around in order to excel. In 2015, Adrian decided to run as Head Boy of our Student Council. He was initially discouraged due to the reputation that came from his previous behaviours. Adrian organised a petition to accompany his Head Boy application, which gained over 200 signatures. He won the position of Head Boy after impressing both his peers and the Principal.

Since taking on the position, Adrian works diligently to represent the College and to inspire his peers to greater achievements. Adrian recently had lunch at State Parliament with Member for Southern River, Chris Tallentire to discuss local issues and the role that the Student Council could play. Adrian's concerns have included school funding and improving the culture of the school and its perception in the community. He's been actively involved with promoting our 'Safe Schools' program and endeavours to challenge the perceptions of others regarding body stereotypes.

What role did you play in supporting your students’ leadership?

I supported Adrian in his role of Head Boy and mentor regarding body stereotyping issues.

What did you and your students learn in this activity that will endure beyond today?

Adrian states that he has learnt 'that students and their active participation do have an impact on the school, and to be honest I learnt that if you just be yourself and allow people to interpret you however they want, your actions will speak for themselves'.

I have learnt that leadership can inspire a choice; a choice to be better, to do better and to not settle for less.