A Global Approach To Accelerating Impact

In dozens of countries around the world, momentum for change is growing. 
Students, parents, teachers, and community leaders are demanding their right to quality education. 

A generation is rising to the challenge

The organizations that comprise the Teach For All network are enlisting their nations’ most promising future leaders in the fight to close the opportunity gap in their countries.  These teachers and alumni are helping to transform classrooms, schools, and entire communities.

Diversity breeds innovation

Partners who adapt our model to their local context often develop new and better solutions—innovations their fellow network partners can apply to their own educational landscapes.

The solutions are shareable 

There are remarkable similarities in the nature of the problem from
place to place, which means we can learn from each other about how to address it.
We move forward faster by working together. 
By learning from each other’s individual successes, the partner
organizations in the Teach For All network are working together so that all children
—everywhere—can attain an excellent education.