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Iespējamā Misija

Rainy Art

Student Leaders
Alīna Birnika
Adult Supporter
Agnese Slišāne
Age of Students

Please describe how your students exercised their leadership and the impact they had.

Alina comes from small city in Latvia and is one of these students who motivate others by doing so much more than asked. She is hardworking young lady with a dream to become a successful entrepreneur and show that nothing is impossible. At the 10th grade she founded a student company called Rainy Art which produces children's raincoats to make the daily life young children and their parents easier. Raincoats are innovative, comfortable and modern, they are from breathable, water and wind resistant fabric, has a transformable pocket- can be used as bag. Triangle which assures parents that their children have dry legs during rainy weather (riding a bike, attending outdoor events). Raincoats has reflecting elements for safety and visibility.
To make her company run, she participated in many competitions and won investments to develop her idea. In may Rainy Art became the best (875 competed) student company in Latvia of 2016.

She sticks with her dream and go for it. However in her way she inspires other students, involve them in activities and show that with hard work there are no limits!

What role did you play in supporting your students’ leadership?

I am her teacher and we started to discuss her idea in my class. Afterwards, I was mentor and supported her work with my knowledge and presence in many events. I try to show her that there are many possibilities and opportunities, but only she makes final decisions. We reflect and make conclusions.

What did you and your students learn in this activity that will endure beyond today?

Both of us me and my student learn a lot about communication and collaboration with others. It was eye opening how different approach has each of us and empathy is the key when people from different background meet. There were and still are many situations when you feel that obstacle is unconquerable, but believe and hard work pays off.

My student many times had to ask help for others and she did not have money to pay for it, but it turns out that people are willing to help when they see someone really devoting himself for bigger purpose.

Also I believe that joy through every action has significant impact on our success.

To see a kid being very serious, responsible and disciplined has motivated me to help other students find their passion and encourage them to follow their dreams.