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December 08, 2015
by Wendy Kopp and Jaime Saavedra, Huffington Post
“If we are going to be successful in realizing quality learning for all, we need countries to mobilize and maximize their most precious resources — their human resources — toward this important end.”
September 24, 2015
by Wendy Kopp, Huffington Post
“Success will require more than single interventions like giving children tablets, or providing teachers with better curriculums — these steps may be part of the solution, but they are just one piece of what must be a holistic approach.”
September 10, 2015
by Renzo Giner Vazquez, El Comercio
“La única forma de alcanzar las grandes metas mundiales sobre educación es desarrollando líderes locales comprometidos con esa causa.”
March 01, 2015
by Dzameer Dzulkifli, Phi Delta Kappan
“If the problem is global, so are solutions. Every country has dedicated educators finding ways to help more children reach their full potential. If we can find ways to share and adapt those solutions across borders, then we can come closer to the day when educational opportunity is equitable for all.”
February 14, 2015
The Economist
“Programmes that place bright and ambitious graduates in poor schools are spreading around the world—and show what it takes to make a difference.”