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October 29, 2013
by Thomas L. Friedman , The New York Times
“I never thought I’d have to come to China for a breath of fresh air. But that is exactly what I got last week by traveling to the China-Myanmar border area to visit Chinese village schools with the leaders of Teach For All… [I]f raw idealism and willingness to take up the hardest challenges count for anything, you have to be hopeful. Traveling here last week was like spending four days with 32 Malala Yousafzais from 32 different nations.”
October 23, 2013
by Wendy Kopp, US News and World Report
“Instead of silencing her, Malala's attackers made her campaign global. Around the world, demographics still determine destiny because the most disadvantaged students are the least likely to receive a quality education – or any education at all.”
October 10, 2013
by Patricia Sellers, Fortune
“The same challenges Kopp identified in the U.S. education system—underfunded schools, poorly trained teachers, a disconnect between private sector needs and public school performance—plague education around the world. Meanwhile, globalization has pushed companies to recruit worldwide and has raised the stakes for education.”
September 05, 2013
by Maria Luisa Cesar, San Antonio Express News
“I think the work of transforming education starts with the mind. Children need to feel empowered to think that they can move up, to think that they can achieve their dreams.”
February 24, 2013
by Ben Gose, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
“Wendy Kopp may be stepping down as CEO at Teach For America, but she’s not stepping away from the fight to ensure children from poor families get a top-notch education.”