Our Impact

Around the world, Teach For All partners are attracting many of their nations’ most promising graduates and professionals to teach in high-need schools and classrooms, and giving them the training and development they need to become effective teachers and collaborative life-long leaders who are deeply rooted in the communities in which they work.

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Classroom Impact

By holding high expectations of their students and supporting them in becoming empowered leaders of their own learning, participants across the Teach For All network are ensuring more of their nations’ children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

A recent Mathematica study found that students randomly assigned to Teach For America corps members’ middle and high school math classrooms advanced an additional 2.6 months per year compared to those assigned to other classrooms

Ofsted, England’s official body for inspecting schools and training providers, rated Teach First’s teaching and leadership program as "Outstanding” across England in 41 of 48 categories in 2016.

In 2015, 73% students of Teach For Nepal Fellows passed the School Leaving Certificate exam, compared to 33% of public school students across Nepal.

A 2010 Inter-American Development Bank study suggests a positive correlation between students being taught by Enseña Chile teachers and those students’ results on Spanish and math tests, as well as students’ self-esteem and self-efficacy.

"I was not a person who would voice opinions. I was very shy and timid. Then I entered Teach For India where all of the children were being pushed to think beyond the expectations that everybody else had for them."

Priyanka, student, Teach for India

“Our vision is for students to become conscious and empowered individuals who can use their educated voice to advocate for themselves, their family, and their community.” 

Wizdom Amouzou, Teacher, Teach For America

“I'm proud that I organized a big conference. That we amazed the adults, for being so small, and yet knowing so much.”

Boyko, Student, Teach For Bulgaria
Alumni Impact

Of the more than 55,000 alumni of Teach For All partner programs, over 65% continue to work in education or with low-income communities. Grounded in their experience leading classrooms in high-need communities, alumni across the network go on to become veteran teachers, school and district leaders, policymakers, founders of advocacy organizations, and business and civic leaders who are working in collaboration with many others to effect change within and outside of education.

78% of Teach First Israel alumni are currently teachers

50 of EnseñaPerú’s 202 alumni are employed by the Ministry of Education

60% of Teach For Australia alumni hold academic or administrative school leadership positions

180+ of Teach For India alumni are working to improve teacher training across India


"If we support our students and work with their families, they can achieve even more than we expect from them. And we have really high expectations."

Juan Paulo Sanchez, Director, Colegios CREE

"If we so deeply believe that every child can learn, then we must also very deeply believe that given the right skills and training every teacher is capable of leading a class to that level of achievement."

Chaitra Murlidhar, Senior Manager, Thermax Social Initiative FDN

"We definitely recognize this as a global issue. Maths is a global language, and this problem of trying to teach every student the same thing at the same time happens in every country in the world."

Justin Matthys & Richard Wilson, Co-founders, Maths Pathway

A 2011 Harvard University study found that Teach For America strengthens participants’ conviction that children from low-income backgrounds can compete academically with children from more affluent backgrounds; intensifies their belief that the achievement gap is solvable; and increases the likelihood that they will pursue a career in the education sector. 

Between 2003 and 2011 London schools moved from being the lowest performing in England, to being the highest performing, and now have the highest percentage of schools rated "outstanding." A report into the improvement journey suggests that Teach First was one of four enablers of London’s success. 

Community Impact

In communities, cities, and countries around the world, Teach For All network participants and alumni are working together and with others to reshape the systems that reinforce inequity and to effect real, sustainable change for students and families. 

Teach For America has been placing teachers in Washington, D.C. since 1992. At that time, D.C.'s school system was the lowest-performing of all the major urban districts in the United States—just 5% of the city's students would ultimately go on to get a college degree. Today, the D.C. school system is the nation's fastest improving urban school district. On average, students are performing a half a year ahead of where they were two years ago—a pace of district-level progress that is unprecedented. The efforts of many contributed to these gains, but the leaders and key players of numerous high-impact initiatives and policy changes have been Teach for America corps members and alumni.

  • Teach For America alumni have led the school system as Deputy Mayors of Education, D.C. State Superintendents of Education, and as Chancellors for the past 11 years. Fifty current system leaders within public education in D.C. are alumni.
  • Teach For America alumni have comprised the majority of the senior team of the district, as well as the past five "Teachers of the Year.”
  • 20% of principals (many of whom are leading transformational schools), hundreds of teachers, and the leaders of many non-profits working to support schools and students are Teach For America alumni.

As a result of the contributions of Teach For America participants and alumni, in partnership with many others, after 50 years of decline, public school enrollment has been on the rise for seven years, with both D.C. Public Schools and public charter schools growing to meet parent demand. High school graduation rates have increased by 8% over the last three years,  and Washington D.C. is leading the nation in pre-k enrollment, with 70% of 3-year-olds and 99% of 4-year-olds are enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs.


In Pune, one of Teach For India’s first placement cities, Teach For All’s long-term theory of change is playing out. In the last six years, Teach For India has placed nearly 500 Fellows in Pune, a city of 3.3 million people. Among these are numerous alumni who have remained committed to ensuring a high-quality, equitable education for all of Pune’s children.

  • In Pune, English government schools end at the 7th standard, which prevents many students from completing their secondary education. To address this barrier, Teach For India alumnus Soumya Jain has founded four standard 8-10 schools, which will prepare more students in Pune to enter competitive colleges. Together with alumnus Prashant Mehrishi, Soumya also co-founded a fellowship that recruit recent education graduates and invests in their development as high-impact teachers.  
  • Alumnus Madhukar Reddy launched Pune City Connect, a collective action initiative that brings together corporations, government officials, and non-profits around a common vision of educational reform for Pune.  Pune City Connect has received unprecedented levels of investment from the government and contributed to the institutionalization of a massive training initiative—using many of Teach For India's methodologies—impacting more than 2,500 government teachers.
  • Alumna Chaitra Murlidhar created LIFT to utilize Teach For India’s approach to retrain government teachers. The Pune city government has contracted LIFT to provide training thousands of teachers this year. LIFT  is now lead by another Teach For India alumus, Sanket Patil.
  • LIFT, i-Teach and other teacher training providers utilize the online teacher development platform Firki, which was created by Teach For India alumna Archana Iyer. 

Through such efforts, the Teach For India team and alumni in Pune are on a path to community-level change. Over the next five years, they aim to create 20 to 25 new English language schools serving students in standards 8 through 10 — enabling all English government school students to complete a secondary education.

When Teach First launched in 2002, London’s schools were the lowest performing in the UK. In the 14 years since, the city’s schools have become the highest performing in the country. During that time, Teach First has placed more than 3500 teachers in the capital, and today its participants and alumni account for nearly one in ten of all teachers working in schools serving low-income communities in inner London. A recent study from CfBT and the Centre for London identified Teach First as one of four key factors in the transformation of London’s schools.

  • 60 Teach First ambassadors (alumni) currently hold middle and senior school leadership positions in London
  • Teaching in low-income communities is now the second most prestigious career choice for the UK’s top graduates
  • “One of [Teach First’s] biggest contributions has been to detoxify teaching for Britain’s most talented graduates… Ten years ago relatively few high-achieving graduates sought out careers in teaching. Now they are fighting to get onto Teach First and other routes.”(Professor Chris Husbands, Institute of Education)

Teach First is proud to have played our part in London’s success.  Since placing its first cohort in London in 2003, Teach First has recruited nearly 9,000 teachers and now partners with schools serving low-income communities in every region of England and in Wales.