Juan Martín Fernández

Juan Martín Fernández was raised in rural Uruguay, where he attended public schools throughout his education. Before launching Enseña Uruguay, Martín was an economist at Uruguay’s Universidad de la República and a successful young entrepreneur. Passionate about social development in Uruguay, Martín is also the co-founder of the social solidarity network, Uruguay Entre Todos, where he has developed his leadership skills and gained considerable experience in organizing movements for social causes.

As a child, Martín’s journey to school required walking from his house to a nearby river, paddling across it, and then riding the rest of the way on a horse. His personal experience with some of the challenges of Uruguay’s education system led to his conviction that Enseña Uruguay’s approach could significantly expand educational opportunities for the nation’s students. Martín deeply believes that the Enseña Uruguay team, teachers, and alumni will help improve educational equity and quality in their country

Partner CEO
Enseña Uruguay