Forbes Recognizes Teach For America Alumni

In its recent 30 Under 30 2015 issue, Forbes magazine named eight Teach For America alumni in the 30 Under 30 in Education category.  Informed by their experience teaching in high-need classrooms and communities across the United States, these 2008, 2009, and 2010 alumni are becoming leaders in the fields of education technology, curriculum design, training and more:

Miriam Altman (Teach For America - New York 2008)

Miriam and Alexandra Meis co-founded Kinvolved to solve the problem of school attendance for at-risk youth. The app—now in use in 110 schools in five US cities—tracks students by instantly sharing information on their attendance and behavior with their schools, families, after-school programs, and coaches.

Andre Feigler (Teach For America - Greater New Orleans 2009)

In an effort to improve the impact of substitute teachers, Andre founded Enriched Schools, a subscription service offered to schools that provides a diverse, pre-screened group of "guest educators," including performers, musicians, writers, professionals, parents, and community leaders.

Jess Gartner (Teach For America - Baltimore 2009)

Through her company Allovue, Jess created the app Balance, which offers  financial data visualization and analysis to help K-12 administrators connect education spending to student outcomes and reduce waste and misspending in order to redirect dollars to teaching and learning.

Benjamin Levy (Teach For America - Bay Area 2010)

While still teaching in 2013, Benjamin founded and developed eduCanon, an interactive video learning tool that enables teachers to create their own digital lessons. EduCanon has been visited by 50,000 teachers and 300,000 registered students in 15 months.

Angela Maldonado (Teach For America - Greater Philadelphia 2009)

As the Lead Talent Management Coach for Philadelphia's first alternative principal certification program, PhillyPLUS, Angela leads a team that focuses on developing leaders with a clear school vision and a focus on excellent instruction. Her work impacts 35 schools serving more than 6,000 students.

Zak Ringelstein (Teach For America - Phoenix 2008)

Zak is the Cofounder of Uclass, an ed tech curriculum management solution currently in use in over 5,000 US schools designed to aid educators and administrators in sharing, improving, and analyzing their curriculum.

Vinit Sukhija (Teach For America - Los Angeles 2010)

Teach For America’s Manager, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative Vinit has led TFA’s efforts to support alumni in launching new education ventures and forging strategic partnerships with leading education organizations.

Matthew Wagner (Teach For America - Colorado 2009)

As Director, Office of the President, The College Board, Matthew was integral to two of the largest educational events the U.S. in recent years: the development and implementation of the Common Core Standards and the redesign of the SAT college entrance exam.

Teach For All congratulates these inspiring alumni on their well-deserved honor, and looks forward to hearing more about their careers and innovations in the future.

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