Highlights From the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference

How do we at Teach For All maintain our sense of possibility? By considering that just a few weeks ago, 400 members of our global community came together in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria for the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference.

Through provocative sessions, workshops, and interactive activities, representatives from over 40 countries explored the theme of Reimagning Education and pushed each other's thinking about the kind of education all students will need to navigate and lead our rapidly changing world—and how we must reimagine education for children in high-need communities in particular. Throughout the event, the voices of students from around the world rang loud and clear—enlightening us with their perspectives, vision, and wisdom, and reminding us that there are many others worth listening to whose voices are not so loud.

"Thanks to the incredible group of speakers, experts, innovators, thought-leaders, and thought-provokers during the three intensive days of the global conference," reflected Teach For Bulgaria's CEO, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova, "I can now describe in real terms the kinds of educational experiences and practices that characterize a reimagined education. As our COO put it, 'I learned that people have figured out what reimagined education looks like. The tough part is to find the path to providing that kind of education for all of our kids.'  Yet, what gave me hope and evidence that we're on the right track was the example of our students engaging in and leading this effort alongside us."

Watch the video above for highlights from all three days of the Global Conference, and view over 30 full-length conference sessions on our 2016 Global Conference Video page.

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