Teach For Cambodia Joins Teach For All

We are thrilled to announce that Teach For Cambodia has joined Teach For All, becoming the network’s 45th partner. Led by Founder and CEO Monirath Siv, Teach For Cambodia's mission is to solve the problem of educational inequity in Cambodia by enlisting the nation’s promising future leaders in the effort.

In Cambodia today, the average number of years a child attends school is less than five, and only one in 10 children will finish high school. In language and math, grade nine students who attend school are performing at the same level as out-of-school children of the same age. And just over 15% of Cambodian students go on to university—one of the lowest enrollment rates in Southeast Asia.  

Teach For Cambodia believes these statistics reflect a deep, systemic problem with complex underlying causes and sees an enormous opportunity to shift the direction of the country towards a more positive trajectory. Cambodia has the youngest population in Asia with a median age of less than 24—improving educational outcomes at all levels will be a fundamental component of this ambitious pursuit. The organization has identified and will work to address three factors that create and perpetuate inequity: socioeconomic circumstances that force many children to abandon school and become child laborers; school system level challenges, including teacher supply and attrition; and low expectations of students.

Born and raised in Cambodia, Monirath (Moni) Siv moved to the United States as a teenager, and attended Washington University in St. Louis.  In 2012, he began teaching high school biology and environmental science in Camden, New Jersey, as a Teach For America corps member. Teaching successfully in an economically-challenged city inspired Moni to launch an organization with the potential to similarly improve outcomes for kids in disadvantaged communities in Cambodia. He founded Teach For Cambodia to develop a pipeline of local leaders who will work with the country’s government, communities, and private sector to create sustainable, long-term change.

“As a former teacher, I believe that every child can learn, and it’s the role of every educator to figure out how our children learn best and nurture them to reach their fullest potential,” shared Moni. “Teach For Cambodia aspires to bring highly dedicated teaching Fellows who are passionate about our children, believe deeply in our children’s potential, and continue to be long-term leaders addressing the complex issues at the root of educational inequity.”

Teach For Cambodia plans to place its first cohort of 30 teaching Fellows in semi-rural regions and in poorer urban regions, including Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Kampong Cham regions in November 2018.

We welcome Teach For Cambodia to Teach For All and look forward to learning from and collaborating with our newest network partner.

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