Teach For Ukraine Joins Teach For All

Teach For All is delighted to welcome Teach For Ukraine to the global network. With a vision that all children in Ukraine have the opportunity to fulfill their potential with the help of high-quality education, Teach For Ukraine is the 41st Teach For All network partner and the 17th in Europe.

Despite a high literacy rate and high enrollment in primary and secondary education, there is a significant skills gap in Ukraine, where more than 40% of employers report that their workforce is inappropriately or inadequately educated. In addition, while Ukraine officially offers equal access to educational opportunities for all children, there are substantial differences in the quality of the education received among the graduates of different schools. Where students live and how much their families earn greatly impact the type of school they attend and their quality of learning. Students in Ukraine’s rural communities, for example, are outperformed academically by their urban peers and have fewer opportunities to go on to higher education. In addition, students from "elite" public schools (gymnasiums, lyceums, and specialized schools) achieve far greater academic success than students from "ordinary" public schools.

Led by CEO Rimma El Joueidi, Teach for Ukraine believes that providing equal opportunity and access to high quality education for all children will ensure Ukraine’s competitiveness and success in our increasingly global society. Teach For Ukraine aims to enhance the value of education among the country’s citizens, to advocate for the necessity of a high-quality education that goes beyond merely receiving a diploma, and to prove that every child can achieve success and fulfill his or her potential with the foundation of an excellent education.

With a mission to recruit, select, and develop future leaders to help expand educational opportunities for children today and build an excellent education system tomorrow, Teach For Ukraine is working to inspire and engage talented people from diverse backgrounds to invest their skills and energy in teaching for two years in Ukraine’s most challenging schools, and to stimulate and engage in positive changes in the nation’s education system as alumni of the program.

“I believe that education has great power to unlock potential, change lives, and bring positive transformation to the world,” said Rimma El Joueidi. “I hope that Teach For Ukraine will attract lots of young, talented, and motivated leaders into classrooms who will expand educational opportunities for Ukrainian children, and have a real impact in shaping their future and the future of the country, as teachers and as alumni.”

Teach For Ukraine will place its first cohort of participants in high-need schools and communities in the regions of Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv in the fall of 2017. We look forward to learning from and with Teach For Ukraine and its staff, fellows, students, and future alumni leaders. Welcome to the network!