Welcome Teach For Nigeria

We are thrilled to announce that on February 9, 2017, Teach For Nigeria officially launched its program and joined Teach For All’s global network as its 42nd partner. Teach For Nigeria joins Teach For Ghana as the network’s second current partner in Africa. Led by CEO Folawe Omikunle, Teach For Nigeria is focused on developing a movement of leaders across Nigeria who are committed to putting an end to educational inequity.  

In 2015, the United Nations ranked Nigeria as the country with the highest number of out-of-school children—approximately 10.5 million—accounting for almost one in every five out-of-school children in the world. In addition, of the Nigerian children who are enrolled in primary school, 60% are not learning. Many children don’t go on to secondary school, and large numbers of those who do are unable to read or write when they finish. Just 10% of Nigerian students enroll in post-secondary education, an enormous obstacle to the country’s development.

From access to enrollment and school completion rates, from quality to equity, a survey of the Nigerian educational scene reveals a series of disparities. Faced with this reality, Teach For Nigeria was created to address the need to ensure all children in Nigeria, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status, have access to an excellent education that enables them to live to their fullest potential. While inequity and lack of opportunity are not problems that can be solved single-handedly, Teach For Nigeria believes it can act as a catalyst to build a formidable network of determined leaders who understand the root causes of inequity and are committed to challenging it.

"I am extremely excited to see this movement launch in Nigeria and I am looking forward to harnessing the energy and commitment of our most promising future leaders towards the fight against educational inequity,” says Folawe Omikunle. “I strongly believe that the only true and sustainable path to improving educational opportunities for all children in our country is by channeling and developing our nation’s most capable human resources against this problem of educational injustice."

In its first year, Teach For Nigeria aims to place a cohort of 60 Fellows in low-income schools in Lagos and Ogun State. By 2022, the organization intends for 1,000 Fellows to be reaching over 175,000 students while hundreds of Teach For Nigeria alumni are continuing to impact the lives of children in high-need communities.

We warmly welcome Teach For Nigeria to Teach For All and look forward to their collaborations with and contributions to the global network for many years to come!

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