Launched in 2007, Teach For All marks its 10th Anniversary this year. In the decade since our founding, we’ve grown to become a global network of independent organizations united by our core purpose—to develop collective leadership to ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

In this report we celebrate the progress each network partner is making in their countries, the powerful lessons we have learned from one another, and the journey ahead as we work toward our vision for the future.

Our Global Network 2007-2017

In the decade since Teach For All was founded, our global network has grown to include partners in 46 countries on six continents.

We are a Global Network

Teach For All is a growing network of 50 independent partner organizations and a global organization that works to accelerate the network's progress. Through the global network, partners and their teachers and alumni can share ideas and innovations across borders and adapt promising ideas in their own countries.

Looking Ahead: Our 25-Year Vision

In 2040, communities in every part of the world are enabling all of their children to have the education, support, and opportunity to shape a better future for themselves and all of us. These communities are inspiring and informing a worldwide movement to achieve this everywhere. 

A Letter From Our
CEO & Co-founder

Teach For All's CEO and Co-founder Wendy Kopp shares her reflections on the network's first 10 years and the vision that inspires the work ahead.

Our 10-Year Intended Outcomes

In 2016, Teach For All collectively envisioned the future we are working toward for children
and developed the 10-Year Intended Outcomes that orient our work across the network. 

Community Level Change

Communities all over the world are making progress towards our 25-Year Vision.

To make progress toward our vision, we must orient our work around developing collective leadership at the community level.  This means growing the leadership of network alumni, students, parents, and other stakeholders to work together across the education ecosystem. It also means creating space to build relationships, have difficult discussions, reflect on lessons learned, increase our collective wisdom, and create a shared vision.

Developing Leaders

We are developing a significant number of extraordinary leaders who teach successfully in under-resourced communities and continue working to ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Through expanding the network and supporting network organizations to scale, we aim to develop many leaders who can generate progress towards our vision. These leaders are working together to inspire leadership in other people, including students, parents, other educators, and community stakeholders.

Reimagining Education

All across the network, participants and alumni are ensuring students attain an excellent education that enables them to grow as leaders who will shape a better future for themselves and all of us.

To ensure students can navigate a turbulent economy and solve increasingly complex global challenges, network partners’ teachers and alumni will need to rethink student outcomes, as well as how they achieve them. The global organization will help by fostering learning from inside and outside the network about how to do this.

Interconnected Global Community

We are an interconnected global community of students, teachers, alumni, staff and allies who are learning from and supporting each other.

While each local context is unique, similarities in the nature of the challenges facing children from place to place mean that solutions are often shareable. We can move more quickly if we are learning from each other across borders, benefitting from the wisdom and diversity of the communities in which we work.

Engine of Innovation and Learning

We are an engine for innovation and learning, sharing expertise from within and beyond our network on creating transformational progress in classrooms and communities.

We launched the Global Learning Lab to become a robust engine of learning that fuels, collects, and shares actionable insights from the innovations and wisdom of students, families, and teachers in transformational classrooms and from diverse stakeholders in communities.  We design learning experiences for people around the network and beyond who are committed to progress in classrooms and communities. 

Influential Voice

We are an influential voice in the global discussion, advocating based on our diverse experiences for equity and opportunity for children.

We will advocate for our shared belief that all children should have the education, support, and opportunity they deserve. We seek to elevate the insights of the communities where our partners work to influence policies and resource allocation.

Our Core Values

We’re guided by our shared Core Values when working together across borders.


Sense of Possibility

We believe in the extraordinary potential of all children and in our collective potential to realize our aspirations, and so we act with courage, boldness, urgency and  perseverance in pursuit of transformational impact.

Locally Rooted and Globally Informed

We value the enormous assets in the communities where we work, immerse ourselves in local perspectives, needs and opportunities, and work in deep partnership with students, families, educators, and community members—all while also seeking to build our understanding of what is possible based on insights from outside of our communities and countries.

Constant Learning

We commit to continuous education, reflection, and improvement as the foundation for the transformational leadership we strive to develop.

Diversity & Inclusiveness 

We seek to ensure full participation of people from all cultures and backgrounds, and we believe those who have themselves experienced the inequities we’re working to address should guide and lead this work.


In recognition of our shared humanity and interconnectedness, we work with generosity and compassion to help each other develop and grow.