Alumni Changemaker: Juan Paulo Sánchez


As a participant with Enseña Chile, Juan Paulo Sánchez understood for the first time the depths of educational inequity in Chile. The small town where he taught was among the country’s lowest income communities, where just one in five of his students was likely to attend university.

After his first year of teaching, Juan Paulo saw that his students could achieve the same kind of academic success as affluent private school students, and was inspired by this experience to do more to address educational inequity in Chile. Together with four of his fellow Enseña Chile alumni—Maximiliano Ortuzar, Thomas Rivadeneira, Bernardita Amenábar, and Juan Diaz Facundo—he envisioned  a school rooted in  strong classroom leadership, deep community engagement, collaboration, a commitment to excellence and a deep belief in every child’s ability to fulfill their potential and choose their own life pathways.

Watch the video above to learn more about Juan Paulo and Colegio CREE, which opened its doors in the Cerro Navia neighborhood of Santiago in March 2016. CREE was founded with support from the 1 World Network of Schools—learn more about 1 World.