Classroom Leadership

Teach For All Joins International Task Force on Teachers

Teach For All has been accepted into UNESCO's International Task Force on Teachers, an initiative of Education For All (EFA), the movement to support the achievement of internationally set education goals as well as other efforts, such as  the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), launched by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The task force is the hub for teacher-focused initiatives and a global alliance of EFA partners working together to address the need for more qualified and motivated teachers worldwide.

Change Yourself First: Cambiá Vos Primero

I started Enseñá por Argentina with high expectations and dreams of delivering the best lessons in the world. But the reality facing my students was tougher than I had ever imagined, nothing seemed to be working and my confidence soon disappeared. The drive home alone after school was silent and tough - Instead of providing an opportunity for my students to transform, I felt like I was providing them with the worst  teaching they could have.

Sense of Possibility: Teach for the Philippines Week FLIPPED

“When we talk about giving kids a ‘sense of possibility,’ it used to be a vague and lofty term for our team. With events like FLIPPED, that bring our whole community together, we get to experience first-hand what it means to change perspectives, expose ourselves to different realities, and at the end of the day, strengthen relationships. This is applicable to both our students and our champions.”