Classroom Leadership

Change Yourself First: Cambiá Vos Primero

I started Enseñá por Argentina with high expectations and dreams of delivering the best lessons in the world. But the reality facing my students was tougher than I had ever imagined, nothing seemed to be working and my confidence soon disappeared. The drive home alone after school was silent and tough - Instead of providing an opportunity for my students to transform, I felt like I was providing them with the worst  teaching they could have.

Sense of Possibility: Teach for the Philippines Week FLIPPED

“When we talk about giving kids a ‘sense of possibility,’ it used to be a vague and lofty term for our team. With events like FLIPPED, that bring our whole community together, we get to experience first-hand what it means to change perspectives, expose ourselves to different realities, and at the end of the day, strengthen relationships. This is applicable to both our students and our champions.”  

A Gateway to Technology

Every day, participants of programs across the Teach For All network demonstrate their leadership and initiative by creating opportunities to expand their students' learning. The following post, originally published in Teach For Pakistan's newsletter, illustrates how three inspiring Fellows are transforming not just their own classrooms but their entire school.

Tough Young Teachers Airs on BBC

"Tough Young Teachers,” a documentary series produced by Victory Television and BBC Three with the support of Teach First, is giving audiences in the UK an unprecedented view of the challenges and triumphs new teachers experience. The series, which premiered on January 9,  follows the journey of six Teach First trainees through one academic year working in schools in low-income communities of London.

Transformational Classroom Leadership = Leadership for Systemic Change?

I–like most of us, I imagine–am inspired by the pursuit of a vision where one day ALL CHILDREN will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.  Sometimes, when we take time to reflect on all the systemic reasons that is not happening, that vision can get pretty overwhelming.

More than anything else, here’s what gives me more energy, optimism, and conviction that we can do this:

More Than a Number

“When I first got into teaching I thought success was 85 percent on the state test. Within just a short amount of time I realized that was so flawed. My students are more than a score, they are more than a number and that can’t be the measure of success.”

Taylor Delhagen (Teach For America, 2006) reflects on the importance of empowering your students to critically examine the world around them, rigorously explore values and exercise the perseverance needed to overcome failure.