Highlights From our First Global Social Innovation Event

Across the global network, hundreds of alumni of Teach For All partners are leading change as social entrepreneurs by developing new solutions to the causes and symptoms of inequality. To support their alumni leaders in designing and launching sustainable and scalable initiatives, many network partners are increasing their own understanding of and capacity to foster successful social innovations.

Alumni Community of Practice in Education Policy Launches

This month, Teach For All launched its first Global Community of Practice in Education Policy in Lima, Peru. The Community of Practice (CoP) brings together a group of 26 network alumni from 13 countries who are currently working in ministries of education, international think tanks, and non-profit organizations, where they lead initiatives in designing, implementing and influencing global and national education policy.

Communities of Practice: Sharing Innovations to Accelerate Impact

In March 2016, Teach For All launched the Communities of Practice, providing a platform for alumni from across the global network with similar career pathways to build relationships and further their work by sharing and discussing each other’s successes and challenges. While individuals’ local contexts are unique, the nature of the challenges the alumni are addressing in their countries is often similar.

Enseña Perú Alumna Marcia Rivas Develops Inclusive Policies for All of Peru's Children

Enseña Perú alumna Marcia Rivas’s experiences as a teacher led her to understand the barriers children with disabilities face in attaining an education that is designed to meet their needs and enable them to fulfill their potential. Trained as a lawyer, Marcia made the switch from the courtroom to the classroom in order to address the underlying causes of social injustice rather than its effects.