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Carol Andrea Neumann Bertin

What are you leading?

MentorPro is a company that provides a tech solution to teachers to support them to both develop their practice, and manage their workload, by connecting them with mentors through our tech platform.

Our tool optimizes and facilitates the feedback process between mentors and teachers. We work with teacher mentors including supervisors, coordinators, coaches or any feedback provider that is hired by a school or a teacher preparation program. Our tool enables the mentors to connect easily with their mentees (teachers) to support them in their development but also with their workload. We also encourage peer-feedback, so teachers can learn from each other creating professional learning networks and self-reflection to improve the own performance.

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

Enseña Chile was my first experience of classroom teaching. It changed my life! During my first year teaching, classroom management was very hard for me but I could overcome those challenges thanks to my mentor at Enseña Chile, who supported me and taught me strategies. I realized how important is to have someone who can advise and support you, especially in your early stages of becoming a teacher.

That inspired me to create MentorPro – to enable more teachers to benefit from great mentoring. To develop MentorPro, I worked in another Enseña Chile alumni social innovation called Impulso Docente, which runs programs to train teachers and instructional leaders. Through working with Impulso Docente, it reinforced how important it is to give and receive frequent observation and feedback when developing as an educator.  Unfortunately, today, at least in Chile and some other Latin American countries, this is not happening. That was another reason to create MentorPro – to enable more teachers to access more mentors, to provide the space and means for more frequent and quality in the entire feedback process.

What's next?

Now I am working as Training Director of MentorPro from Chile. The rest of the team is working from New York City. I focus on creating alliances with schools, universities and organizations that provide teacher Professional Development training looking forward to working together. Right now, engineers are working on the platform development while I am working on the platform content, creating, for instance, a Video Library with examples of effective teaching practices or writing tips to help both mentors and teachers to improve their performance. The rest of the team, Cecilia Hevia and Magdalena Izquierdo are both creating alliances in the U.S. they are working in the platform design and the business model.

We expect to have our MVP by the end of 2018 and pilot it in March 2019, when the classes start in Chile and South America. We expect to start selling the MVP and improve our product regarding the feedback that we can receive from our users. During our third year, we have plans to expand to Colombia, México and the U.S. We hope that MentorPro will help teachers improve the quality of their practice through providing them with the support they need from amazing mentors, so that ultimately that have a greater impact on students. Because we know that when teachers succeed, student succeed. I see this as part of my role as an alumna of  Enseña Chile as I am focused still on contributing to Enseña Chile´s mission, to ensure that one day all Chilean children will have quality education.

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Leadership Journey


MentorPro is created by Carol and Cecilia


MentorPro passed from an idea to a real prototype

April 2018

MentorPro is finalist in Columbia Venture Competition

May 2018

MentorPro won both the Michael and Lori Milken Family Foundation Grand Prize and the American Public University System Prize in the Milken-Penn Education GSE Business Plan Competition.

June 2018

MentorPro meets with Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and Doug Lemov to create alliances

September 2018

MentorPro creates alliance with Impulso Docente, another Enseña Chile Alumni Organization.


April 2018

Tomás Recart, CEO of Enseña Chile agreed to be one of our advisors.

May 2018

Felipe Díaz, from Enseña Chile, reviewed the presentation and gave feedback.