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Dana Narvaiša

What are you leading?

I have built a new school in Latvia. It is in small town Cēsis. With this school I have tried to redefine the learning approach, school environment, teacher and parent collaboration. Because of our school, ~50 families have changed their lifestyle, work and have moved even from capital to live in Cesis, so that their child can learn in Cesis New Primary school. This is large number for Latvia.

It started with parent initiative and parents still play crucial role in school’s development and everyday life. It is difficult to describe how we differ. I usually say - we live. We have systems and structures in place, but they can easily change if situation, people, environment is changing.  Main thing that we try to do – involve students in decision making, let them lead school, let them do practical world so that life in school is closely connected with the one outside the school.

For four years, I have been principal of this school. I was responsible for everything, including teaching students, leading teachers, being responsible for paperwork. Often cleaning dishes when needed and building classroom walls as we didn’t have enough money. Now I am responsible for teacher training, teacher development and leading all education process, especially implementing new teaching strategies and approaches.

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

I have learned two things – go deeper and look wider.

Mission Possible has been great place where to meet amazing, intelligent and bright people who are not only talking about needed changes, but are realizing them. They have been great support when advice or help is needed. In Mission Possible I met the most inspiring, smart, supportive and handsome man, who became my husband. As you might guess school wouldn’t be possible without his support.

Since I have opened school I have received very limited support from Mission Possible. Any school that is not established by state or local government belongs to category “private”, even if the school is not business. Mission Possible do not support private schools and do not work with primary schools. I have received appreciating and support from Teach For All that always gives energy for larger goals.

I must admit that my relationship with program has had ups and downs, but I am thankful that program has noticed my hard work and has given an opportunity to participate in events organized by Teach For All. All the conferences, seminars or projects organized by TFA’ll have significantly impacted my work right now.

What's next?

This year I have started to develop guidelines so that our new colleagues in the school can use them to quickly understand and adapt our approach. Our teachers are empowered to lead learning as they see it is best for kids, that is why we haven’t defined very strict system. In guidelines I include main principles, they are like a frame, but teachers can fill it as they see, they can choose best approach considering children needs, available time and resources.

Because of international recognition many schools come to visit us in Cesis, to get inspired and learn from our experience. I have realized that these guidelines would allow us to share our experience broader and reach more teachers and students.

I see that my work supports also Mission Possible vision. It sounds approximately like this:
Education is strengthened as one of the core values in Latvia. Society understands its meaning and is ready for lifelong learning. Society has clear opinion, that professional teachers are key element to have qualitative educations system.

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Cēsis, Latvia

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Economics, Business, Geography

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Opened Valmiera student council (Valmiera is my town). Me and my friends we were thrown out of school’s student parliament, claiming we wanted too many changes. So we created council in the town. Because of this council I developed collaboration skills, management skills, learned to lead team, became more self-confident. Because of many projects I did in this council, had an opportunity to travel in Europe, there I also learned English.


While studying in High school became private teacher to one 3rd grade student.


Exchange studies in France and Norway, voluntary work in Iceland with youth projects.


Became participant of Mission Possible 3rd cohort.


Participated in my first Community of Practice “Excellent Classrooms Fellowship 
organized by Teach for All. Mission Possible offered this opportunity.


Participated as facilitator in Teach for All global workshop “Transformational Teaching"in Chicago.


Gustavs, my son was born. He is my main motivation to build school.


Built school


Participated in Global conference organized by Teach for All and Teach for India. This was the conference where I defined clear vision for my school.


Was nominated as TOP 10 for TOYP in category “Children."


Received “Reach for Change” Change Leader prize in Latvia.


Participated in Teach for All Community of Practice “School Leaders”. This CoP has been like a fuel to my leadership. First years of school were very demanding and exhausting, after year of cooperation I have more energy for the next stage of schools development. Could participate because I am alumni of Mission Possible.


Participation in Teach for All Global Annual conference, Bulgaria.


Participated in roundtable “Teacher mindsets and actions” organized by Teach for All. During this discussion I decided to leave principle role to have more time working with teachers. Also location School 21 was very inspiring – after seeing this school I implemented project based learning in my school. Opportunity was offered by Teach For All.


Was selected to be on Varkey Teacher Ambassadors Advisory board representing Europe.


Was invited to be Awecademy Global Ambassador and work on board of educators.