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Joaquim Sabria Mayorga

What are you leading?

I’m the co-founder and CEO of EDpuzzle. EDpuzzle is a video-lesson platform that enables teachers to create engaging videos for their lessons through a combination of simple video-editing tools and powerful analytics which help them to track and monitor their students' progress. Through EDpuzzle teachers can turn any video into an engaging and effective lesson with just a few clicks and then always know which students understand that lesson, who needs help, if there are any misconceptions about the material thanks to automatically gathered insights about their students.

As the CEO, my role is to empower the EDPuzzle team to deliver the best product and service to our users. Currently, around 50% of schools in the US are using EDPuzzle and we have active teachers using our service in over 100 countries all over the world.

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

My experience  during the leadership development program, teaching with Empieza por Educar, gave me the opportunity to experience how difficult it is to be a teacher. Not only to teach students and have them learn about your subject area, but also to manage students learning and behavior, learn from colleagues, engage with parents, the principal and the wider community. It was a huge challenge, and it also provided me with the perfect opportunity to experiment and explore new solutions for how to engage my students, and help them to learn effectively. This is how I started to develop my idea for EDpuzzle as a tool to engage my learners, and take advantage of some of the amazing video content that already exists by editing it to suit my learners needs and the lessons I was designing. Through the Empieza por Educar network of my fellow participants and alumni, I was also able to connect and interact with other teachers, schools and experts who helped me to test the idea and learn from their feedback to make it into the tool that it is today.

What's next?

At EDpuzzle we have a big ambition to deliver the best video-curriculum for English speakers in any grade level, any subject area in any country around the world. We’re now based in Silicon Valley where we are working hard with teachers and other tech specialists to develop our tool so that it works for teachers, providing them with a highly effective way of adapting videos to become an engaging and effective tool for learning.

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Current Home

San Francisco (US)

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Leadership Journey


Quim is selected to join Empieza por Educar as a Math teacher.


While teaching in one of Barcelona’s most challenging schools, Quim develops Kingdemates, an online maths platform and delivers his first video-lesson to his students to test out his idea.


Quim graduates from Empieza por Educar and relocates to San Francisco to launch EDpuzzle in the USA, through winning a place on the prestigious Imagine K12 incubator.


EDpuzzle continues to refine its design and incorporate feedback from teachers and grow to reach more users


EDpuzzle celebrates its 3rd anniversary having reached over 7 million users and working with a quarter of schools in the U.S.



Quim shares his idea with his Program Manager Empieza por Educar who facilitates introductions to school leaders and other teachers to build Quim’s network of supporters and mentors.


Quim uses the Empieza por Educar network to connect with other teachers to test the tool with a larger network and gain important user feedback.


Quim participates in a Fellowship provided by Teach For All to visit New Delhi to learn from other teachers.


Quim is supported by a mentor from Teach For All to visit London to learn from a blended learning school about how EDpuzzle could work in different contexts.


Quim is connected with alumni entrepreneurs from other Teach For All network partners who are able to support him with questions about working in different contexts and schools in other parts of the world.


Quim is invited to present EDpuzzle at a Global Innovation conference led by Enseña por México in Puebla where his is able to share his innovation with fellows and alumni across the Teach For All network.