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Lihi Gross-Avital

What are you leading?

Elementary school principle

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

My experience as a fellow inspired me to try to influence, by education, on a bigger scale of children. Thanks to my experience I understood the huge influence of education on the goals of the students and their ability to change their future and make it a better one.

Being surrounded, from day one, with teachers who had the same goals and vision as me, inspired me to dream bigger and to always have someone to dream with.

What's next?

In the near future, my goal for the school is to change the teaching methods so that more and more classes can take place outside the classroom and would involve practical experience for the students. I believe that the more that learning can come "through the hands" the more significant it will be for them.

Later on I'm hoping to establish a high-school for kids who dropped out.

Alumni info

Alumni Cohort


Current Home

Haifa, Israel

Subject(s) Taught


Leadership Journey


Participate Teach First Israel program


Homeroom and literature teacher in hi-school for disadvantage students


Coordinator of Ometz program at school- coordinating and guiding the teachers who teaches in Omets class (disadvantaged and challenging students)


School principal training


Elementary school principle


Participated in Teach For All’s Community of Practice



Group meetings of TFI fellow coordinators to support and learn about the coordinator work, led by TFI stuff member


Meeting 30 educational leaders from all over the world. learning together, thinking together and working in small group on our bold initiative. It was very eye opening, and inspiring but mostly very helpful in developing my school vision and main goals.