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Lucy Crehan

What are you leading?

Lucy is on a life-long mission to understand what makes good education policy, through studying education systems and their effects in different contexts. She shares her findings with the wider community through books and articles, and uses her understanding to work with governments to design education programmes and policy, as part of a team at Education Development Trust.

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

Teaching in an inner city school gave Lucy an understanding of the challenges faced by teachers and school leaders in supporting the education of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, which is essential in designing and supporting good policy. Being a teacher also gave her access to the unique experience of working alongside teachers in six education systems.

What's next?

Lucy has two parallel ambitions. The first is to bring greater awareness of ‘what works’ in education policy to a wider audience of parents and teachers, through her research and writing. The second is to articulate this understanding to senior policy makers and influence the decisions made by governments, to bring about better education for all children.

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Bath, UK

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