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Rahul Gupta

What are you leading?

I am presently working as a School Leader at Akanksha Foundation’s Smt. Savitribai Phule English Medium School in Pune. I am currently in my 7th year of school leadership. Our school serves 750 students coming from Pune’s largest slum. I also serve on Teach for India’s National Advisory Board and have recently founded Pune Children’s Zone which aims to positively impact all children in Pune over the next ten years. 

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

The fellowship was my first experience with inequity and it taught me how it jeopardizes not just the present but all future outcomes for an individual and the family. It helped me understand the importance of a high quality holistic education in transforming an individual’s opportunities and outcomes in life. The fellowship instilled in me the belief that with consistent effort and rigorous planning – it’s possible. That each child can realize his potential…

What's next?

I hope to impact many more children through the work that I do. I have recently started a program called the Pune Children’s Zone and hope to impact 14 schools and 500 families this year using my own school as a multiplier. I aspire to impact 100000 children in Pune over the next 10 years.

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Current Home

Pune, India

Subject(s) Taught

Grade 3 – English and Math

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Leadership Journey


Rahul Started with the Teach for India fellowship in Mumbai India. He taught at two different schools and was exposed to how a government run and a privately run school operate.



Rahul was selected by the Akanksha Foundation to start the DN Nagar school in Mumbai. Rahul was then 22 and started a school with 128 students. Participates in the Teach For All School Leaders Fellowship


Rahul takes over Savitribai Phule English Medium school in Pune and starts a school turn-around. This school had about 500 students when Rahul became the SL.


Rahul gets appointed to the Advisory Board at Teach For India. Joins the Teach For All School Leaders Community of Practice.


Rahul founded the Pune Children’s Zone as a project while being a School Leader at SBP. He starts working with 7 schools and starts a program on responsive parenting for parents of children aged 0-3 years.