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Simon Graffy

What are you leading?

In 2011 I founded LRTT which stand for Limited Resource Teacher Training. We are a global education social enterprise accelerating quality education by bringing together teachers from the most economically developed countries to provide training for teachers in contexts where people live on less than $5/day. 

LRTT mobilises teachers from the UK, US and AUS to become LRTT Fellows and deliver face-to-face teacher development programs in partnership with local organisations in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. By providing professional development experiences for participants, and by connecting a disconnected world, LRTT is building a global movement of well-trained, effective and empowered teachers. 

To date, LRTT has trained and placed over 1,000 Teacher Fellows. The Fellows have supported over 3,000 teachers across 10 countries and reached more than 120,000 children. LRTT has won a Pan African Award For Entrepreneurship in Education was a Teach First Innovation Partner 2014 and part of Teach For All as well has being part of the Agora Accelerator Alumni 2017 and the GSBI Accelerator in 2018. We were recognised as one of the top 100 most impactful certified B-Corps. 

How did your experiences as a fellow inspire or prepare you for what you’re doing now?

I co-founded LRTT along with a longstanding friend Tom Lewis and with two other Teach First ambassadors, Sam Butterfield, George Kynaston.  Without Teach First, we would likely have never met and certainly wouldn’t have had the experiences and understanding around teacher development and educational disadvantage to launch LRTT.

LRTT also benefitted early on from Teach First links both because of the access to teacher talent it gave us but also because of the support the social innovation unit provided our team in developing our theory of change.

More recently, we have engaged more closely with Teach For All as part of the Community of Practice for teacher development. Through the Teach For All network, we have now partnered with Teach For Nepal, Teach For Ghana, Teach For Malaysia, LIFT in Pune and Mantra4Change. 

What's next?

Our vision is to take LRTT to transformational scale where we have established centres of excellence with partners across the geographies we work in.  

In the near term, we are committed to maintaining our rapid growth by enlisting 650 Fellows across 26 Fellowships in 2018, and 1000 Fellows across 40 Fellowships in 2019, impacting the education of an estimated 320,000 children. 

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Leadership Journey


Our first ever LRTT pilot programme operated in Uganda.


We became a Teach First Innovation Partner via the Innovation Award.


We partnered with Teach For Nepal


Selected as part of Teach For All Community of Practice for Teach Development.


Partnerships were established with Teach For Ghana, Teach For Malaysia, LIFT and Mantra4Change.



We recruited five teachers as LRTT fellows through Teach Firsts summer projects site.


We were supported through the Teach First accelerator programme.


Through our partnership we supported operation of the TFN summer institute.


18 month support programme included visits to India and Chile.