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The CEO and founder of Teach First Israel (Chotam in Hebrew) since its launch in 2009, Asaf continues to lead the organization and manage day-to-day operations to ensure maximum impact. Prior to founding Teach First Israel, Asaf had been working in the non-profit sector for over 10 years. He co-founded and co-directed various organizations, including The Good Neighbor, which seeks to promote volunteerism within one’s neighborhood through several large scale projects, such as food distribution to over 1500 families across Israel, the creation of coffee shops in marginalized communities, and academic support for struggling students. Asaf was the CEO and co-founder of the Be-Maagaley Tzedek, an organization that created the Tav Chevrati—a seal of approval granted free of charge to restaurants and other businesses that respect the legally-mandated rights of their employees and are accessible to people with disabilities—and has become a worldwide program. Asaf also co-founded the Psifas Foundation, a fund that aims to improve the face of Israeli society by offering significant financial donations to people with specific needs. He was awarded the Ernst & Young award for social entrepreneurs in 2009 for his non-profit work.

Asaf earned an M.B.A. and a B.A in Psychology and Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is married and the father of two sons, Nadav and Matan.

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