A Change at School Starts With a Fish

A practical subject, if taught theoretically, will not be interesting and easy to understand for students compared to teaching it practically. School teachers in Afghanistan are required to teach practical subjects practically, to gain the interest of the students on a topic and enhance the learning rate. Sometimes a small investment brings big changes and improvements.

Ms. Lima Aman, a Teach For Afghanistan biology teacher at Naswan Tajrubawee school in Jalalabad, attracted the attention of other teachers and her school principal by purchasing a fish from her own finances, then demonstrating the fish’s external and internal anatomy to the students while teaching. This helped the students learn all the internal and external parts and anatomy of a fish. It was interesting and encouraging for the students, as it was their first experiment in biology, and encouraged the school principal to advise all teachers to focus on doing practical instruction, which will eventually improve education and learning systems in the school.

“In order to help the students learn, we have to make the lessons interesting,” Ms. Aman said. Doing practical instruction in biology is a better and more useful teaching method compared with theory only.  Biology was taught through theory only, with no practice in this school before, so I took this step and will keep it up to ensure that the learning experience continues to help students. While talking with the students, I learned that they are happy with this method of teaching and requested me to keep it up. Meanwhile the school principal appreciated my work, which further encouraged me to continue.”