The Choice to Teach For France

I was completing my internship, the last step to my Master's degree, at one of France's leading engineering schools, when I was faced with the choice of which professional career to pick. I decided not to follow the path that most of my fellow graduates were taking and chose to follow my heart and work in a field that I had always been passionate about but had not considered as a possible professional opportunity until now: teaching. I have just finished my first year teaching mathematics in a Collège in Seine-Saint-Denis. This is the kind of choice that one cannot go into unprepared! The ambition we have for our kids forces us to question every day the way we manage our classroom, the way we get our children to improve and to learn in the long run and most importantly the way we can keep motivating and bringing the best teaching to those who struggle the most. This is what makes us all the more passionate about this work!

  — Marine, fellow '16

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