Teach For All’s Communities of Practice fuel learning and connectivity among our global network of more than 50,000 alumni leaders working to transform education in countries around the world.

An Interconnected Global Community

By bringing alumni working in similar fields together in communities of practice, we’re contributing to the growth of a global community of extraordinary leaders whose locally-rooted efforts to transform education outcomes for kids are informed by the latest global learning and best practices. Five communities are currently active and growing across our network.

School Leadership
For principals, head teachers and school directors from fifteen countries.

Teacher Development
For those designing and delivering high quality teacher training programs at a national or local level.

For leaders influencing national or regional policy.

For outstanding educators in a variety of subject areas.

Social Innovation
A growing number of alumni are also using their experiences in the classroom to develop new social innovations. Learn more

Our Approach

In each of these areas, we’re growing thriving communities fostering close relationships among alumni leaders from diverse backgrounds, and facilitating learning and sharing between them, through:

Online Community
Community members connect to and learn from one another via an online platform that facilitates new connections, ongoing discussion, practical problem-solving, resource sharing

Virtual Learning Opportunities
Our communities provide members with the opportunity to learn from global experts, and one another, about the latest insights and best practices in their area of work.

Annual Fellowship
We recruit an annual cohort of 20-25 leaders in each area, each of whom works on a local impact project, building close relationships with others during two week-long in-person events.

Local Communities of Practice
Our global communities of practice intersect with national or local communities of practice run by our alumni or partner organizations.