Early Stage Support

Teach For All’s global organization provides support to local social entrepreneurs in countries around the world who aspire to launch organizations that share Teach For All’s approach. We believe that local ownership is fundamental to the impact of that approach, and thus our support is grounded in a recognition of each entrepreneur’s independence and autonomy. 

Current and prospective network partners are striving to develop the local collective leadership to ensure more of their nations’ children can fulfill their potential. Through a collaborative early stage process, global organization staff provide support to these entrepreneurs as they consider the realities, opportunities, and challenges of their local contexts, share insights and best practices for adapting Teach For All's approach, further their growth as leaders, and support them in building sustainable organizations.

Staff members with knowledge of a prospective organization’s region work closely with its leaders as they envision and plan for the development of their organization. They serve as thought partners to entrepreneurs as they explore the feasibility of the network’s shared approach in their countries, develop plans that are aligned with Teach For All’s unifying principles, and contextualize the network's approach to their countries’ unique strengths and challenges.

Functional area specialists offer aspiring partners targeted support in areas such as teacher recruitment, organizational development, and fundraising. The global organization also facilitates site visits, occasions for peer learning, participation in network conferences, and immersive training experiences, to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to more deeply engage with the network’s approach, observe how partners within and outside of their region have adapted the approach in their countries, and exchange learnings across borders.

Watch the video to learn more about Teach For All’s early stage process: