Edite Millere

Edite Millere is the CEO of Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible) and is working with the goal to assure long-lasting public funding for MP. Edite is an alumna from the very first cohort (2008) of the Latvian program and has always stayed connected as an alumna and served on the MP board since 2016. Prior to this role, Edite worked in leading roles in the IT sector, predominantly with business development in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Most recently she focused on attracting more girls and women to the STEM sector as the Diversity Lead at Accenture and Co-founder of the NGO Riga TechGirls. For the past two years, Edite has been part of the Skola2030 team with many other MP alumni, assuring new curriculum change in the Latvian education system, where she is responsible for private-public partnerships and national level event production.

Edite is passionate about meeting and getting to know new, interesting, and smart people, building communities and solving human interaction-type problems. In her spare time she continues to travel and spend time with her family.

Partner CEO
Iespējamā Misija