Elizabeth Ampomah

My name is Elizabeth Ampomah and I am a 14-year-old student studying in Lamashegu M/A Junior High School in Tamale, Ghana. I live in one of the suburbs of Tamale. I am currently in 7th grade at school and one of my favorite subjects so far is Mathematics. My ambition is to become a doctor in the future as I am very passionate about medicine and giving back to my community.

My leadership has always driven me to be involved in student committees, clubs, and community initiatives. When I enrolled in Lamashegu M/A Junior High School, I committed to be actively involved in projects that improved the quality of lives of students and the community because I believed these would lead me closer to my future ambition.

I was elected sports captain of the girls’ sports team. During the school’s recent sports competition among five schools at the Lamashegu community, our team started out very poorly with two losses. As team captain, my teammates looked up to me to improve our performances. My team and I simply did not have the size, strength and experience to compete. I took the initiative, however, to challenge my teammates and encouraged them to keep working hard. The confidence I transmitted into them inspired the team to enter subsequent games with a winning mentality. They won the following games to secure a third-place position in the competition. I believe strongly in perseverance as I think it is one of the requirements of a successful leader. Teach For All is committed to improving learning outcomes for students and I am looking forward to serving as a voice for students in underserved communities as well as learning all I can to make change in my community.

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