Enseña Perú - Áncash

Enseña Perú
Áncash, Peru

Since 2016, Enseña Perú has been working in the Ancash region in northern Peru in collaboration with the local education ministry and the mining company Antamina, which is a major local employer. Together, the coalition developed Efecto Áncash (the Ancash Effect) to improve academic and non-academic outcomes for students living in the region’s remote communities. 

Efecto Áncash comprises multiple initiatives that contribute directly and indirectly to student learning, including teacher development and capacity building and partnering with communities around a shared vision for students. Among these initiatives are the Leadership Program, which “clusters” more than 60 Enseña Perú teachers in the region’s schools, and ¡Qué maestro! a training and development program for local teachers who are not part of Enseña Perú’s program. An independent study by the Universidad del Pacífico in 2020 demonstrated that Efecto Áncash produced a sizable positive effect on students' academic learning in reading and