Erik Ramirez-Ruiz

Erik Ramírez-Ruiz is the president of Enseña por México, a social enterprise that works to improve academic outcomes of underserved children, while building a larger movement of leaders that will promote a systemic change in the country’s education system. Enseña por México is proud to be part of the global network Teach For All.

Prior to founding Enseña por México, Erik was Chief of Global Strategy and Chief of Staff to the International President of NCCEP, a non-profit organization based in Washington DC, with presence in several countries. NCCEP’s mission is to develop and strengthen broad-based public private partnerships throughout the education continuum, from early childhood through post-secondary education.

Since 2004, Erik has also acted as Executive Director of IDE Group, a consulting business with presence in the USA and in Mexico that helps organizations and governments create, structure, and implement programs and projects, develop strategies and build teams. IDE Group represents several US universities and corporations in México.

Erik is involved with several organizations, including the Mexican American Leadership Initiative of the US Mexico Foundation, and the Mexican Professional Network of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico, of which he is the General Secretary and founding member. From 2008-2009, he acted as Executive Director of the Bi-National Councils of NGOs created by the US State Department. Previously, Erik worked with The Washington Center, the Mexican Ministry of Education, the US Department of Commerce, the US Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and the Center for Inter-American Law.

Erik holds a Master of Global Business from the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program, a program jointly managed by New York University Stern School of Business, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and HEC School of Management, Paris. He holds a diploma in Emerging Markets from John Hopkins University. He received his Bachelor’s degree from ITESM in Business Management.

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