"The fruits of building great relationships are endless."

“Even though we come from very different countries, we’re facing very similar challenges.” This realization, shared by Enseña Chile participant María Teresa Santibáñez, was echoed by many of her peers from across the Teach For All network who had gathered in Miri, Malaysia for the 2016 Global Teaching Summit. Together, teachers from over 40 countries spent four days exploring innovative teaching methods and sharing effective practices, with the goal of increasing their leadership capacity and making significant strides toward their visions for their students.

“I have learned a lot of real and concrete strategies to take to my classroom and share with the other teachers,” María Teresa said, “in my school and in Enseña Chile.”

Through interactive learning communities, participants were immersed in specific content areas and discussed how to adapt diverse solutions to their own classrooms and contexts.

“Now I know how to be innovative in a really feasible way,” explained Teach For Lebanon Fellow Farah Mhanna. “And with fast impact.”

Attendees of the Summit agreed that the strategies and tools they were taking home would improve their practice in numerous ways—and that an even more valuable takeaway was the global community of teachers they were now connected to.

“Making those connections with people around the world is priceless,” reflected Jeremy Downing of Teach First NZ. “Where else do you come to a place with people [who have] not only a shared profession, but a shared sense of what their profession can do?"