Global Girls' Education Initiative


Across the Teach For All network, we know it is essential to increase our understanding of the barriers to girls’ education and build our capacity to find solutions.

Teach For All is working toward the day when, in every community, a critical mass of leaders is working collectively to ensure all children can fulfill their potential. This mass of leaders must include girls and those who advocate for them. We know that when a girl receives a quality education, it not only changes her life prospects but leads to broader health, socio-political, and economic benefits for families and communities—from improved wages and income, to reducing population growth, to decreasing disease, to delaying child marriage, to promoting girls’ leadership in public life, and even mitigating climate change. When women are educated, they are also more likely to educate their children, catalyzing lasting change for generations to come.

Accelerating Local Impact

Teach For All’s Global Girls’ Education Initiative seeks to connect our network to evolving global knowledge and resources for improving educational outcomes and leadership opportunities for girls and women, so that all girls in the network receive the support and opportunities they need to realize their full leadership potential. To do this, we will support network partner staff, participants, and alumni in:

  • Building local and global coalitions of girls’ education champions within and beyond the Teach For All network to create a strong community and culture of learning and support around girls’ education, and to capture and share stories and insights across borders
  • Supporting network partner staff, participants, and alumni in increasing their understanding of local and global girls’ education issues and building their capacity as girls’ education champions within their organizations

Global Girls’ Education Fellowship

Teach For All offers a Global Girls’ Education Fellowship for staff, alumni, and participants of network partners seeking to significantly deepen their expertise in girls’ education best practices. The fellowship will provide participants with opportunities to engage with the latest research and content in girls’ education, connect to external resources and mentorship, collaborate and innovate with like-minded advocates, and put into practice projects that improve the lives of girls in their communities.

The next Fellowship will commence in August/September 2019.