Global Girls' Education Initiative

Across the Teach For All network, we know it is essential to increase our understanding of the barriers to girls’ education and build our capacity to find solutions.

Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to empower women and girls and to alleviate global poverty. When a girl receives a quality education, it changes not only her life prospects, but her family’s and community’s as well. Educated girls and women are healthier, earn more, and have greater socio-political impact. When women are educated, they are also more likely to educate their children, catalyzing lasting change for generations to come.

Accelerating Local Impact

Teach For All’s Global Girls’ Education Initiative takes a two-pronged approach to accelerating and amplifying the local impact of our global network of girls’ education champions:

  • Building local and global coalitions of girls’ education champions within and beyond the Teach For All network to create a strong community and culture of learning and support around girls’ education, and to capture and share stories and insights across borders.
  • Supporting network partner staff, participants, and alumni in increasing their understanding of local and global girls’ education issues and building their capacity as girls’ education champions within their organizations

Global Girls’ Education Fellowship

The Global Girls’ Education Fellowship helps educators across the network develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to hold all students—girls and boys alike—to high expectations and to support them in realizing their full potential. The Fellowship aims to:

  • Increase knowledge of local and global girls’ education and daily life issues connected to participants’ countries, communities, and cultures
  • Produce a toolkit of teaching strategies that are supportive of girls and benefit all students
  • Increase awareness of local and global girls’ education and girls’ empowerment organizations