Learning Lab

The Global Learning Lab facilitates, captures, and spreads innovations in transformational classrooms and communities across and beyond the Teach For All network.

Teach For All’s Global Learning Lab draws on the wisdom and innovations of students, families, and teachers about what it takes to provide all children with a transformational education, particularly those in historically marginalized communities.

In collaboration with Teach For All network partners and other organizations, the Global Learning Lab centers its work around five fundamental questions:

  • What are the ultimate aims schools and systems are pursuing, and who decides and how?
  • Which student outcomes and learning bets align to those locally-rooted and globally-informed visions?
  • Which teacher actions and mindsets, and what theory of teacher development maximize students’ growth toward these visions and outcomes?
  • What systemic changes are necessary to make this work easier for all teachers?
  • How can key players in the education sector better learn from each other?

By studying high-performing classrooms around the world that foster students’ leadership and expand their future opportunities, the Global Learning Lab generates and shares insights, resources, and learning experiences

How We Facilitate Learning: 

  • Classroom Learning Loops are a discovery-based learning process in which participants observe transformational classrooms, analyze and reflect on what they observe, apply learning to their own practice, and reconvene to further reflect and analyze–thus creating a continuous loop of learning.
  • Global Roundtables bring together experts, practitioners, and staff from Teach For All’s global organization and network partners on topics such as broadened student outcomes and teacher practice.
  • The Global Learning Lab Fellowship brings together a cohort of 5-8 of Teach For All network partners’ most innovative programmatic leaders for one year to address key questions and challenges facing their organizations and the broader network.
  • The Global Learning Lab Advisory Council is a group of well-regarded leaders, researchers, and educators serving as critical friends to the Global Learning Lab.

How We Spread Learning: 

  • Provocation Papers are digital papers that capture the key learnings in the Global Learning Lab’s areas of focus.
  • withGanas Workshops are interactive online video conference sessions open to network partner staff, participants, and others from the broader education community.
  • Virtual Courses are online opportunities for educators to learn about concepts related to student outcomes and teacher growth, apply them to their own practice, reflect, and continue to develop.
  • The Online Resource Bank helps users define and measure progress toward locally rooted and globally informed visions of student success.