Global STEM Initiative


STEM Teaching and Learning

In an increasingly global society, it’s critical that we create and expand opportunities for all children to access the kind of education that will enable them to navigate and lead the  21st-century world they’ll inherit. While all subject areas are important, we know that to thrive in our technology-driven era, students need to be supported in building their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Teach For All’s Global STEM Initiative was established to increase the impact of STEM educators across the network by

  • Supporting partners in recruiting, training, and developing an increasing number of STEM teachers

  • Helping partners cultivate their alumni as leaders who will fuel transformative change in STEM education both inside and outside of the classroom

  • Building a STEM community that connects STEM leaders and practitioners across the global network, enabling them to share insights and innovations, best practices, and sustainable solutions

  • Partnering with external organizations, academic institutions, and corporations that are leaders in the STEM fields to increase access to local and global STEM conversations, resources, and training for network partners and their participants and alumni.

STEM Community of Practice 

Teach For All’s STEM Community of Practice (CoP) is an opportunity for network participants and alumni who are currently classroom teachers to engage in an online learning experience that deepens their content knowledge, improves their teaching practice, and develops their leadership skills. The Community of Practice is designed to:

  • Form a global community of dedicated and passionate STEM teachers and leaders
  • Provide direct support via online learning to develop participants’ skills in STEM teaching and learning
  • Engage with and learn from internal and external STEM experts
  • Empower participants to expand the impact of the CoP by sharing knowledge gained through their engagement in the Community with their teaching colleagues and their partner organizations

STEM Colloquium

Teach For All’s STEM Colloquium is a space for network partner staff to share their lessons learned and best practices for STEM teacher recruitment, training, and leadership development. Two to three times each year, Teach For All’s global organization co-hosts an online seminar series with a network partner to spark cross-network learning, critical thinking, and reflection among network STEM directors, heads of training, and teacher coaches.