Inesa Zohrabyan

Barev! (It's the "hello" in Armenian) I'm 18 years old, I live in Armenia, in Arteni village in the Aragatsotn region. I'm extremely connected with my community and I'm trying to do something better for this place. I opened a debate club in my school last year. In the club we discussed many topics, like educational system, grading system, democracy, gender equality and more. Something that pushed me to start this club was "Impact Youth Club," organized by World Vision Armenia. We implemented various projects for community with community, like garden creation, library, trainings for students and more. So we mixed the skills and practiced the changes that we dreamed about. I was a speaker of TEDxKidsYerevan2017, and spoke about things that all of us do every minute of every day, but which none of us actually notice. Last year I was a speaker for Teach For Armenia, as a student I spoke about the issues of educational system and about the importance of teacher-student collaboration. Now I'm preparing for my university exams, I want to become a lawyer and am pretty excited for my career. I really enjoy being busy with productive work, I'm in love with books, music and anything connected with art. One of my main activities is volunteering. I'm volunteer with "Save the Children Armenia" and "World Vision Armenia." I’m really looking forward to participating in the Student Leader Advisory Council because I'm more than sure this project is going to support me in my future plans. The international aspect of it is exciting for me, because it will help me to see the world and the challenges and we will do our best for personal and global changes. This quote is my motivation: "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today," and I feel that I'll grow as part of the SLAC.

Teach For Armenia