Johann Gonzales

My name is Johann Heysemberg Gonzales Diburcio and I’m 16 years old. I’m in my last year at school in a historical and mysterious place hidden among the Peruvian Andes called Chavin de Huantar. I enjoy playing soccer with my friends, seeing superhero movies and doing stonework in order to become a master craftsman.

Since I was a kid, I learnt from my parents the importance of being proud of my roots and that if you want to change your community, you must work for that change with them. Last year, a group of friends and I created a youth organization called "Los Llachags" (Those Who Know). Our main purpose is to work with young people of our community to inspire them to work on social projects and impact in their respective school, district or province.

I expect to share and learn a lot with the other students and staff of Teach For All as part of the SLAC. I strongly believe that the best way for making the world a better place is working in an ecosystem where all the genders, races, cultures and religions are listened to, and their opinions considered. Finally, with this experience I would like to inspire other young people from rural places to believe that #TogetherIsPossible.

Enseña Perú