Lucha Papikyan

I am a 15 year old girl who lives in the town of Aragstsavan, Armenia. I grew up in an extended family that consists of six people: my mother, father, grandmother, and two siblings. My education started in 2012 when I was six years old. Currently, I study at Aragatsavan N1 Secondary School in 10th grade. Simultaneously, I study at musical school, and this year I will be graduating. I have taken part in many programs such as the National Poetry Recitation Contest, Armenian GLOW, LIT Academy, and EduHub. I am also a member of the Aragats Youth Council and a student at COAF (Children of Armenia Fund). My hobbies are reading books, learning new languages, and exploring new places in Armenia. I am also interested in law, criminology and human rights. My forthcoming profession is a lawyer. In my life I really appreciate getting a good education and being a productive human being for my community and the world.

Teach For Armenia
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